1. Well, it’s spring again (though someone seems to have forgotten to alert the weather here in Canada) and that means the return of North America’s most beloved pastime: baseball. And what goes well with baseball? Why not a dystopian take on the game set in a post-apocalyptic future?

    This piece is entitled “Tim’s Turn at Bat”. Tim is a wandering survivor of a nuclear war that destroyed most of the earth. So what does Tim do for fun? Well, mostly he just hits things with his baseball bat. Hero or villain, saviour or demon, Tim is a mysterious guy with a passion for the game of baseball.

    I did this piece as an entry to the Garrison Creek Bat Company's Season Opener 2, a gallery show featuring the work of a variety of well-known illustrators. Most of the work at the show is custom-painted baseball bats. The bats in question were hand-made by GCBC. While I didn't do a bat this time around, I did do this baseball themed piece and I think it worked out pretty well.

    The original piece will be on display at the Steamwhistle Brewery in Toronto. If you’re in the area on Wednesday, April 3rd around 7pm, drop in, have a beer, and enjoy the work. It’s free to get in so no worries about that. As per usual, I have prints available for purchase at my online store if you’re interested.

    Take care all and have a lovely, if a bit frosty, spring!

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