1. Anonymous said: You need to learn how to draw female faces all your girls look like hermaphrodites. When I saw your Samus redesign me and all my friends thought it was a male version of Samus until we kept reading....

    Thank you for the critique! Drawing female faces has been a challenge for me and I am doing what I can to get better. As to the Samus redesign, the idea was to make her appear more masculine than her traditional look, but I certainly see where you and your friends are coming from. Hopefully you enjoy my work more in the future.

  2. And here he is, ladies and gentlemen. The Demon King, Lord of Darkness, Evil Incarnate and Hyrule’s Demise, Ganondorf. Locked away by the Seven Sages after the events of Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, Ganondorf represents the epitome of evil in the Legend of Zelda series.

    Ganondorf has a variety of dark powers including his evil sorcerer’s magic, tactical cunning, and plain brute force. He is a force to be reckoned with and one that has plagued Zelda’s kingdom countless times in his assertion for power. For that is the thing Ganondorf desires most. Power. The drive to control and shape the land in his own image. Most of the Zelda titles deliver a Ganondorf holding to these ideals and I mention this because if one looks at Windwaker, we see a very different idea of Ganondorf. In that particular iteration, it seems that Ganondorf’s desire for power is merely a means to an end; the restoration of Hyrule and all of its lands. It’s an interesting conflict and brought to light the question: Is Ganondorf truly evil? Or are his methods simply different? These questions are moot, however, when looking at Ocarina or TP. In those titles, it’s pretty clear that Ganondorf’s true aim is Zelda’s downfall and complete dominion over Hyrule.

    In any case, the Ganondorf represented here is that of the evil tyrant chained away by the sages of their time. A seal can be seen emblazoned on Ganondorf’s chest, with the 6 symbols of the sages surrounding the Triforce. This, along with the chains at his wrists represent the eternal imprisonment that Ganondorf has faced for years. I’ve chosen to show him in control of at least a portion of his magic and attempting to break out and attack Hyrule yet again.

    Will he be successful? Who knows. I doubt if the little universe I’ve created in my head will ever be adapted into a game, though it would be interesting to see these characters matured and in action. But, if history has shown us anything, it’s that the cycle of the Hero, the Goddess, and the Demon never ends, and will likely continue til the end of time. Or at least until people stop buying sequels.

    Anyway, thanks for checking these out guys! And also a BIG thank you for everyone who showed up at Fan Expo and helped me sell out of Links in two days! You guys are awesome!

    And with that, I shall leave you. Honestly, now that Fan Expo’s done I’m not sure what my next piece will be. I guess we’ll find out together. Bye!

  3. Behold! The royal majesty of Hyrule herself and descendent of the Goddess, protector of the Triforce of Wisdom, and blessed with the magic of Din, Nayru, and Farore, Queen Zelda. Zelda has, with Link’s assistance, kept the forces of evil at bay countless times, all the while maintaining a calm outward demeanor in the face of danger. She has many powerful abilities such as the aforementioned magic as well as considerable skill in hand-to-hand combat, sword-play, and ninjutsu. While Link plays the primary hero in the Zelda franchise, Zelda has grown from an archetypal princess trophy to an essential character who can hold her own in a fight and make the tough choice when the chips are down.

    As with Link, I present to you an aged Zelda, one who has seen the horrors of war and death and emerged tougher, with a well-worn grace. I’ve chosen to show her with a more stern gaze than she’s been portrayed in the past. I really want to get across the “queenly” aspect of Zelda’s position. She’s left the title of princess behind her, opting to rise to the needs of her people and take control of the chaos that floods Hyrule whenever Ganon strikes. As I said in my brief description of Link, this future depicts Zelda as more of a ruler; a queen with armies to protect her lands and the Hero of Time to lead them as Knight-Commander.

    Zelda, herself, is also being shown as a fully prepared warrior. She is wearing a set of chainmail and ceremonial plate to enforce her role as queen but also act as practical protection. I’ve also included a large broadsword in her arsenal; again, this acts as a ceremonial symbol as well as offering personal defense. It implies Zelda’s stance on war in her lands, she will not tolerate evil breaching her walls and attacking her people. In the past, Zelda has been shown as being more young, more innocent, and as a result (particularly in Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess) the consequences are dire and her kingdom falls into shadow. This matured Zelda has learned from her mistakes and through that, she has gained wisdom.

    This piece turned out as well as I could have hoped. I hope you all enjoy it. Once again, there are Hylian symbols inscribed in the borders. These are all quotes from Ocarina of Time and some other sources.

    If you dig this piece and want a copy, come by at Fan Expo next week and pick one up. If you miss that, I’ll be making it available in my online store in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks guys, and have a good one.

  4. hunaiddraws:

    This is Alex find him over here

    Awesome portrait of me, done by Mr. Hunaid Taj.

  5. Last piece in this series, guys! Princess Twilight Sparkle in all her magic accoutrement. I’m super happy with how this little series came out, be on the lookout for all six at Fan Expo this year!

    Thanks for watching, guys. Next up, Zelda!

  6. Oh my… this is number 5! Fluttershy, as her name aptly suggests, is the soft-spoken standoffish member of the protagonists. Her social shyness isn’t crippling though and she’s put through quite a few situations that challenge it. She always emerges a little more confident but happy enough to stay behind the scenes and tend to her animals. I’m depicting her here in a kind of druidish fashion to complement her love of nature.

    Fluttershy was a character I instantly liked, mostly due to Andrea Libman’s outstanding voicework. Considering she voices Pinkie Pie as well, pretty much Fluttershy’s polar opposite, her range is impressive to say the least.

    Another fun one, guys, and only one left. The big one.

    Keep a lookout for Pony #6 droppin’ next week. Peace.

  7. #4 is done! This piece is a rendition of Applejack, the headstrong, stubborn, but compassionate and honest member of the group. I dig Applejack’s character because she seems to be the a pretty responsible lady, what with running an entire farm with her family and taking care of her siblings and grandmother.

    I’ve opted to give Applejack the gunslinger makeover for obvious reasons with some apple-shaped patches on her jeans and a few sparse armor pieces gilded with apple designs. Another really fun piece to do, enjoy guys.

  8. assorted-goodness:

    Mass Effect 3 - by Alex Rodway

    An old piece I did before Mass Effect 3’s release. Never did post it to tumblr so it’s pretty cool to see that it found it’s way here without my help. Unfortunately the blog from which it derives was shut down some time ago so that link leads to some weird non-site. Anyway, thanks to everyone who gave me credit, I really appreciate it.

    (via assorted-goodness-deactivated20)

  9. Quick piece I did up as a gift for my dad for Father’s Day. He’s a huge Walking Dead fan and one of his favourite characters is this sumbitch. Daryl’s a cool character and considering he was made up for the show and turned out to be such a fan favourite, that’s just extra cool. Norman Reedus looks like a pretty nice guy too, I’d like to meet him at a con or something, seems like it’d be pretty chill.

    Anyway, prints of Daryl will be available at Fan Expo in August if you’d like one. My dad gets the OG shit though, signed and everything.

    Peace out!

  10. Iiiiiit’s Pinkie Pie! In the role of the Bard, no less. Always the invigorating, optimistic spirit of the show, Pinkie’s here to brighten up everybody’s day.

    As I’m working on these pieces, they’re slowly getting easier to make. As many of you know, I have a history of not drawing women a whole lot… or at all really. I don’t really have a good answer as to why that was, but it’s something I’m making an effort to rectify in my own work.

    In any case, as with Rarity and Rainbow Dash, this piece was a hell of a lot of fun to make and I hope it brings a smile to your face.

    Remember to smile, smile, smile.

  11. New piece! Rainboooooow Dash! Easily the fan favourite of the series, Rainbow Dash has a personality all her own. She’s tough, athletic, and loyal to the core. Simply put, Rainbow Dash is just awesome.

    In my humanized design, Rainbow’s portrayed as a warrior wielding dual katana. Her armor, while not as ornate or embellished as Rarity’s, nevertheless provides good protection while allowing easy movement and flight.

    This one was a load of fun to do, guys, Rainbow Dash is easily one of the more badass characters in the MLP canon. I hope you guys dig it as much as I had fun makin’ it.

    And hopefully we can all agree that with this new entry, my blog just became 20% cooler.

    Keep watching this page for the next pony. It should be up some time next week.  Bye!

  12. Varia Suit! Easily the most iconic suit Samus employs throughout the Metroid series, the Varia Suit is a staple to spacefaring bounty hunting. As I mentioned in my description for the Zero Suit redesign, I really like the Varia Suit’s original design, so there wasn’t really a lot to change.

    I’ve bulked it up a bit in parts, particularly the legs. Since Samus does a lot of traveling on foot, I figured the leg pieces and boots on the suit would need to be significantly durable.

    One minor quibble I’ve always had about the suits design is the inclusion of those weird-ass balls on Samus’ shoulders. They’re recognizable, sure, but they look pretty silly and cumbersome. I’m not even sure what purpose they serve, maybe an ammo cache or some sort of morph ball attachment? I don’t know, but for my design I wanted to slim them down a bit and make them feel more organic with the rest of the suit.

    Anyway, that’s really all there is to say, I love the original design so this was a really fun project to do to honor to it.

    Thanks for stopping by, I’ll have some more work up in a couple of weeks.

  13. Another piece for Fan Expo 2014.

    I have a question for all you Metroid fans out there: Why the hell is one of the greatest female protagonists treated with such disrespect by her creators?

    I mean, seriously, it’s only gone downhill over the years. A character that began as an awesome, independent, species-exterminating, badass has begun to decline into another cheap sex symbol stereotype. I just don’t get it. The long hair? The skin-tight outfit? For Pete’s sake, a suit with built-in stiletto heels?! Nintendo is really pushing it when it comes to their recent design choices of Samus’ Zero-Suit.

    I mean, I guess we can thank them that the Power Suit has remained intact over the years; there hasn’t been any canonical sexual representation of that… as far as I’m aware anyway.

    In any case, this leads me to this new piece. I’ve gone and done a complete design overhaul of Samus’ sans-armor look. No more long hair, it’s been cropped short to be practical and you know, actually fit under her helmet. The stilettos have been replaced in favour of a sturdier, reinforced boot design to enhance jumping capabilities when her jetboosters aren’t being worn. The skin-tight jumpsuit is still form-fitting, but in a more utilitarian fashion; snug, but not bustin’ out. Also, the look of the suit takes some influence from her military days with the Galactic Federation, with a medal of valour as well as some command patches on her shoulders to represent rank. Samus may have left the Federation, but she still works with them and I think she maintains a healthy respect for the uniform and the lifestyle. Finally, I’ve done away with that stupid stun-pistol she had in Zero Mission. I understood the non-lethal function in the game, as it would be pretty overpowered if Samus could still kill Space Pirates without using her beam weapons, but I really can’t see her leaving her suit without some form of lethal weaponry. So I’ve traded the stun pistol for an energized hand cannon that fires pulse cartridges of a similar strength to a shotgun. Hence the ammo belt around her leg.

    The last thing I want to bring attention to is our hero’s face. Samus has always been represented as being pretty darn attractive. Model-like looks, bright, blonde hair, and always done up in perfect makeup. To be honest, I never really bought it. To me, Samus would probably not have bothered with makeup, especially if she was on a mission. Also, it always kind of bothered me that Samus never really showed any wear and tear from her countless fights with the Space Pirates and other baddies. I guess it could be attributed to her prowess as a warrior, but I don’t know, it never really made sense to me. Anyway, I thought some scars would add character to her face, so there they are. Lastly, when looking for references for Samus’ visage, I ended up combining the faces of Sigourney Weaver (whom Samus was based off in the 80s), Jane Lynch (who has a great Samus-esque character in Wreck-It Ralph), and Gwendoline Christie ( the actor playing Brienne of Tarth, the badass of Westeros). I think it worked out nicely, finally giving some maturity and grace to the stalwart bounty hunter.

    So there you have it, Samus in her new duds. This will be available for purchase in my store shortly, so look for that next week. Also, if you’re coming out to Fan Expo 2014, I’ll be selling prints of it there as well.

    Be on the lookout for my next variation on Samus where I tackle a redesign of the Varia Suit!

    Thanks for coming by and see you next mission.

  14. This is a new series of pieces I will be premiering at Fan Expo. The first of six, it’s an adaptation of the popular television series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    The basic idea is the recreation of each of the main characters into a humanoid form with the characteristics of a class from role-playing games. This first piece depicts Rarity as a Paladin.

    This project will continue with the other five ponies, each getting their own design and new look.

    I’m hoping fans of the series respond well to these pieces as I know the show is close to their hearts and the characters closer still. As a fan of the show myself, I hope to do the creative works of Lauren Faust justice.

    Enjoy, friends.

  15. Geez Walking Dead, talk about a freaking cliffhanger! There were some AWESOME Rick moments in that last episode alone so I did up a bloodied up Rick in homage. This will be at Fan Expo, so if you want a copy, come by the table in August!

    All hail the Ricktatorship!